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Divevolk Underwater Phone Case Accessories

DIVEVOLK continues to improve and shake up the amateur underwater photography world. To take your underwater photos & videos to the next level, the creators of the DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 have recently unveiled a range of accessories, along with 2 new underwater housing colours for 2024!


In this guide, I'll break down what each accessory brings to the table, from red filters to wide-angle lenses, and the difference they can make to your scuba diving photography.

Vertical L Bracket

This is an ESSENTIAL piece of equipment if you are shooting video footage for Instagram reels or need to shoot vertically. The bracket is necessary only if you're using a camera tray, also called an arm, rig or handle.

The L bracket attaches to the expansion clamp, enabling the housing to remain upright, eliminating the need to continuously rotate the camera tray between horizontal and vertical positions. View the L-BRACKET here

Underwater Red Filter

Red filters are ideal for underwater photography beginners. They are a cost-effective alternative to video lights, to help make your scuba diving photos and videos look more natural and vibrant.

As red is one of the first colours to disappear underwater, it makes photos often appear blue or green. A red filter compensates for this by adding red tones back into the image that are otherwise muted or lost, resulting in a more true-to-life photo. Grab yours here: RED FILTER

Wide Angle Lens

Wide-angle lenses work well for scuba diving videos and photos because they let you capture more of the subject while still getting close, which helps to keep the image in focus as you are shooting through less water.

Think of them as the opposite of zoom lenses. For example, if you're photographing coral, getting close with a regular lens might only capture a small part of it. But with a wide-angle lens, you can get just as close for sharp focus and still capture the entire reef. View the WIDE ANGLE LENS here


  • X 0.6 Magnification

  • 67mm thread – Fits onto SeaTouch 4 housing using expansion clamp & 67mm adapter arm


The DIVEVOLK macro lens provides a +15 diopter and just like professional zoom lenses, it enables you to shoot in macro and capture the details of tiny marine life. Using a zoom lens helps create the same blurred background effect also known as a shallow depth of field you see in most professional photos. Purchase here: MACRO LENS



  • Select x 2 zoom on your phone’s camera and turn off the macro setting


  • +15 Diopter

  • 67mm thread – Fits onto SeaTouch housing using expansion clamp & 67mm adapter arm

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Divevolk Macro Lens

Macro Snoot & Colour Filter Wheel

Have you ever seen those professional-looking macro shots of critters against black backgrounds? They're made using a snoot, a tube-like accessory that fits over a strobe light to produce a focused pinpoint beam.

By directing the light onto a single subject, the background is darkened, making marine creatures stand out, especially those such as nudibranchs that are typically camouflaged in a busy environment.

The DIVEVOLK snoot needs to be used with their SL20 2000-lumen diving light, which also has a red focus beam and UV light option. Red focus beams are ideal to not disturb marine life at night. You can also combine the 2 with the colour filter wheel to change the colour of the light for some really fun effects. Find out more here

2024 NEW Seatouch 4 Max Housing Colours


2 fresh new colours, along with DIVEVOLK's first metal underwater phone housing have joined the range, which is exciting news for divers craving a splash of colour & uniqueness beyond the standard black camera housing. Grab yours here: SeaTouch 4 Max 2024


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Final Thoughts

DIVEVOLK is revolutionizing the world of amateur underwater photography. By making professional-grade camera accessories compatible with smartphones, they have enabled enthusiasts to capture high-quality images using just their phone’s camera and their innovative waterproof cases."


If you landed on this page hoping to find just out about the best underwater phone case for diving and snorkelling,

check my handy beginner's guide here.


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