When Can We Travel Again? | UK

On 1st March 2021, Boris Johnson announced the new roadmap plan to ease England, out of the UK lockdown, however, there was no real mention on the plan for international travel which is still currently illegal! After some digging around on the UK government website and reading the full 68-page roadmap document, I found some key info and dates hidden within;

Step 1: 8th March: International travel not allowed (Only for exceptional reasons) Step 2: 12th April: The Global Task Force will provide recommendations to the government on when travel could possibly resume, with no travel any earlier than 17th May. Step 3: 17th May: International travel is still illegal; however, the Government will decide along with the Global Task Force on when the restrictions can be lifted. Which based on the 5week gap between each step, I'm guessing will be no earlier than 21st June. Step 4: 21st June: International Travel subject to review and only if the governments four conditions are being met. Which are as follows:

  • The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.

  • Evidence shows vaccines are reducing the numbers of deaths and those requiring hospital treatment

  • Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations

  • New variants do not affect the risk of lifting lockdown restrictions

If the new roadmap plan for taking England out of lockdown has got you excited to book a holiday, I would still be very wary on when and who you book with. Ensure the country you wish to visit is not on the red list and understand the cancellation and refund policies fully as there are a lot of companies who are only offering travel vouchers or sometimes nothing at all!My friend just stung with a loss of thousands for cancelling a holiday for 10 people as the flight was still running despite the restrictions in the UK!

Fingers crossed we will be able to travel again by summer but will you be traveling? **UPDATE** As of 22nd March there have been hints that summer travel may have to be cancelled due to the UK variant that is spreading rapidly through Europe!

Do you plan to travel abroad in 2021? Where would you love to visit? Let me know your thoughts below!