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Women Can Dive Too!

Once a sport previously dominated by men, scuba diving has become a sport loved by everyone, men, women and even children alike. In my past 12years of diving I have noticed this change first hand and there’s always several women and at least one female dive master on my trips. Women can dive too and we are taking the scuba industry by storm!

Women That Scuba Dive - Mares Scubapro

What I love most about the women I have met through my years of diving is we are all different in our own ways yet we all share one passion!

Did you know there is a Women Divers Hall of Fame? Founded in 1991 WDHOF set out to recognise and honour the contributions of female divers around the world. Amongst the members you find pioneers and innovators such as award-winning underwater photographer Erin Quigley and of course Lotte Hass, often named the first Lady of Diving after breaking down male barriers in the late 1940’s.

Diving has taken me on some amazing holidays and given me a sense of freedom, confidence and ultimate respect for the ocean. It’s such a passion of mine that the ocean has even been an inspiration for some of my designs in my previous fashion career.

Raja Ampat
Dare me to dive? :: Raja Ampat :: Photo Credits: Menno van Hulst

Let’s continue to encourage more women to not be afraid to explore the Ocean and join the fearless tribe of female scuba divers.

Here are just some of the amazing female divers I have met along the way: 

Female Scuba Diver Safety Sausage PADI Open Water
Dive instructor by day and radiologist by night :: Gabbi Schmidt :: Photo Credits: Menno Van Hulst


SAVE THE DATE - PADI Women's Dive Day 2019

**Unfortunately this event has now passed, however watch this space for next years event.**

On Saturday 20th July 2019, PADI Dive Centres around the world will bring thousands of divers together to celebrate our shared passion for the ocean. The 5th annual PADI Women's Dive Day is set to be the biggest yet. Click here to find out more on how to get involved and locate your local event. For my fellow Brits there are at least 7 events happening across the country, for more details please get in touch.




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