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Why Scuba Dive In Mauritius


  • Dazzling warm water : 23-29°C

  • Diverse marine life from large pelagic fish to endemic species

  • Safe, relaxed, easy diving for all levels

  • Wrecks, wrecks & more wrecks!! Even for beginners!

  • Combine a tropical island getaway with the luxury of resort diving

The stunning island of Mauritius is sadly often overlooked as a dive destination, so I couldn’t actually believe my luck when I was recently invited out to the Island to discover first-hand what really lies beneath their part of the Indian Ocean.

underwater photo of a large poisonous lion fish in turquoise blue Indian Ocean Mauritius

Set just off the east coast of Africa and surrounded by pure white sand, what sets the beautiful island of Mauritius apart from its neighbours is not only does it share the same dazzling turquoise blue ocean, it was once home to the Dodo, is covered in lush green forests, waterfalls and mountains, including UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Morne.

If you are looking for hardcore back to back diving then this is not the place for you. However, if you are looking for a safe tropical island with 330km of dive-able coast surrounded by the world’s third-largest coral reef combined with calm relaxed diving, then head to Mauritius!

So Why Head To Mauritius?

Mauritius does not claim to offer the same diving as the Maldives or even that of Indonesia but that certainly does not mean its crystal-clear waters are not filled with an abundance of marine life. Expect to dive thriving reefs, walls, wrecks and pure white sea beds brimming with over 430 different types of fish, 200 species of coral and even endemic fish only found in Mauritius! If you are lucky you may spot even spot a pod of dolphins on the surface or even humpback whales between July-August. The calm waters and shallow dives are ideal for beginners and even families with young children that are looking to embark on their first diving experience together.

Underwater photo of bright red and yellow anemone and clown nemo fish in Indian Ocean Mauritius

Quite often the places I dive do not have much else going on apart from what there is to see under the water but what I love about Mauritius, is once you’ve finished your mornings diving there is still so much more to explore on land! From golf to zip-lining, hiking to sailing or even just simply relaxing in the spa. Then if you are looking to really treat yourself you can even hire a private yacht and just sit back and watch the sunset.

A group of women and men aboard a catamaran on a sunset cruise in Mauritius

It is evident that protecting our oceans is key on the island of Mauritius as we did not see one piece of rubbish on our dives and well done to the guys at Diving World for receiving a PADI Green Star Award for their continued dedication to conservation.

Stunning prize winning underwater photo of a Neon Seaslug better known as the Nembrotha Kubaryana a Dorid Nudibranch. The nudibranch in black with green dots and red accents

We stayed in the north-west of the island in the incredibly luxurious Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa where we joined the Diving World team for six unforgettable days of diving. Up in the north is where you will find some of the best dive spots for all-year-round diving, with blue lagoons filled with a huge variety of marine life and with no river runoffs you can expect crystal clear visibility. That’s not to say the south is not worth mentioning as it is still famed for its large pelagic fish, such as sharks, sailfish, mahi-mahi and even huge 1000lbs blue marlin!

underwater photo of a lilac and red spikey crown of thorns star fish in Mauritius
Sea turtle in mauritius
The Striped eel Catfish are often found grouped together underneath overhangs or boulders. They may look cute but don’t get too close as their spines are packed with poison!

On our first day, we headed down to meet the Diving World dive team in their “office” set directly on the resorts 1.5km of uninterrupted white sandy beach! I hadn’t even stepped in the water and I was already wondering how I could get myself a job here! Within in just two dives, we had already seen six turtles, the endemic Mauritian clownfish, numerous octopus, large shoals of Blue Stripe Snapper, Porcelain Crabs, Gorgonian Sea Fans and even a Blue-spotted Eagle Ray!

Underwater photo of an octopus peeping out from a hole In the rock
camouflaged poisonous Stone Fish

Then came the night dives, which are always my favourite wherever I am in the world as you never quite know what you are going to see. On one particular dive at Chilli Drop, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I finally saw my nemesis that has only taken me 11 years and over 450 dives to see…. the Spanish Dancer!!! I had heard stories of how it wriggled and danced but nothing prepared me for the amazing colour and sheer size of this Nudibranch!!!

Mauritius Has Wreck Dives!

A dive briefing which consists of a hand drawn sketch on a white board of the wreck we were diving

Aside from the stunning reefs and marine life I had no idea Mauritius offered some of the most incredible wreck dives which was one of the biggest highlights for me and one of the many reasons I will be going back! There are several different wrecks you can dive with the team, with one of them being so shallow at 16m that even beginners can give it a try! The artificial reefs and ecosystems that have built up over the years are bursting with life! Below are just two of my favourites...

transparent whip coral goby with a orange eye in Mauritius

Stella Maru: As you approach the eerie Japanese trawler sunk in 1987, you will see it's still remarkably intact whilst sitting upright on the sandy bottom. Expect to see the resident giant frogfish resting on the staircase, a variety of Octopus, Whip-coral Gobies, Nudibranch and watch out for the Stonefish!

black and white photo of a scuba diver with Minnie Mouse ears next to a ship wreck
Scuba Minnie a.k.a ME! Thank you @Gideon.Malan for this amazing shot!

Emily & Waterlily: This was by far mine and my dive groups favourite dive site, that we requested to go back several times! With the two barges laying side by side, you can quite easily visit both within one dive. Expect large schools of Blue Stripe Snapper, Moorish Idols, Soft Coral Cowries, Porcelain crab, Leaf fish and photobombing fish! Check out the epic shot! You could not have timed it better!

Underwater photo of two perfectly position moray eels, peeping out from their cave!

Diving World Mauritius

Do you want to dive with an experienced, 5star PADI school that can take you on a relaxed and calming journey of discovery below the Indian Ocean? Yes, then carry on reading…

With over 26years of experience, the teams relaxed yet professional safety first approach to diving makes them ideal for all levels of divers, especially beginners and even those with families and children. Whether the parents already know how to dive or the entire family want to give it a go, these guys have something for everyone.

I was lucky enough to dive with the incredible team based at Victoria Beachcomber but you also find their 5star PADI schools located in several of the other Beachcomber resorts around the island including, Mauricia, Canonnier, Shandrani and the most prestigious of them all, The Royal Palm (Dive service currently shared with Maurica)

All of the PADI dive schools are based right there within the resort, (Royal Palm currently shares with Mauricia) which means you don’t even have to leave the luxury of your hotel and can go on a dive and be back on the beach sipping cocktails in less than 2hrs, making it ideal for those travelling with non-divers. Whilst you’re out exploring below the dazzling ocean reefs, your partner can nip along to the spa, grab a game of golf or just simply sit back and relax in the warm Mauritian sun. You will be back by their side before they even notice you are gone.

Pink Barbie Scuba Diver on boat in mauritius wearing scuba pro, sunnto, mares
"Hmmmm... what time is dinner?"

One of the many things I also love about their dive school is they offer a 20 Dive “Family” Package which can be shared between you and any guests travelling under the same booking! This would be ideal for me and my husband as there are some days when I just want to relax on the beach and rather than lose money for skipping a dive I have already paid for, I can share the dive credits with my husband.

female scuba divers PADI in Mauritius on boat
Dive buddies, "Off Duty Mermaid" @Mayenc & Travel Writer @Ianthita

You can see why Beachcomber Hotels and Diving World have been partners for so many years, as they both live and breathe the same values of making sure every guest has a true Mauritian experience. They open their arms to everyone, including couples and families a like and with their luxury service, attention to detail and their passion to share their beautiful tropical island, you will leave with a memory you will never forget.

Scuba Diver Dressed As Santa Claus for Christmas wearing a santa hat pink dive fins
Thank you to Christelle @DivingWorldMauritius for capturing this incredible festive shot! Merry Christmas!

Where to stay:

We were lucky enough to be hosted at Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa and for our last day at Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, both of which were absolutely stunning. To read more about my time in the resorts and the rest of the Beachcomber Hotels, click here.

How to get there:

Getting to Mauritius is super easy with a British Airways direct flight from from London Gatwick. You will be walking along the bright white beach in less than 12hours!


Have you ever dived in Mauritius? Share with me what you thought in the comments below!

Huge thanks to Diving World Mauritius and Beachcomber hotels for inviting me on this dive trip of a life time sponsored by British Airways. My experience was complimentary but thoughts and opinions are my own.


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